Advantages of Aodong Machinery "Corrugated Machinery, Carton Equipment"

December 26, 2020

Latest company news about Advantages of Aodong Machinery "Corrugated Machinery, Carton Equipment"

Because of 20 years of industry accumulation, "LUM Lushi Machinery" can know the mechanical structure, function, cost of each part of the tile line and carton equipment, as well as the quality and origin of each accessory.

In order to achieve "Stable For More", no effort can be exerted on the product.

Mr. Yu Kesai Yu revealed in his speech that what "LUM Lushi Machinery" is currently doing is to build an excellent brand of corrugated machinery manufacturer, produce stable equipment that can meet customer needs, ensure equipment quality and service, and maintain The price competitiveness of the equipment ensures the sustainable development of "LUM Lushi Machinery".

Mr. Yu Kesaiyu introduced the company's product advantages: running the "LUM Lu's Machinery" tile line can save 20-30% of steam, 20-30% of electricity, and 20-30% of glue.

He also introduced the LUM-D 320/360 cassette single-sided machine (vehicle speeds are 150m/min and 200m/min respectively), LUM-B high-speed single-watt production line, LUM-A/B/C tile line, and water-based Printing slotting die cutting machine.

Mr. Yu revealed that a customer in Jordan purchased a "LUM Lu's Machinery" tile line that has been in stable operation for 3 years. They are very satisfied with the quality of the cardboard, so they ordered a new line from "LUM Lu's Machinery".

In order to deliver stable equipment to customers and provide excellent services, "LUM Machinery" will do, one is to establish sales and service centers in overseas markets such as India; the other is to develop a speed of 250m/min in accordance with customer needs The third is to produce more equipment, such as 150m/min, 200m/min tile lines, and 100m/min tile lines to flexibly meet the needs of different customers.

Aodong has always been mainly engaged in low- and medium-speed equipment. We still need to improve the quality of tile lines with speeds below 200 m/min and extend them up and down. Upward is to do tile lines with speeds above 250 m/min, and downward is to do More diversified products, such as the cassette type single-sided machine designed to be low speed.

The low- and medium-speed equipment market is inherently price-sensitive, and our profit point is very low. We can only ask for quantity, satisfy customers more, sell more, and we will do what others don’t.

For example, in the Indian market, we currently have 38 three-layer and five-layer tile lines, and there are nearly 40 lines to be installed recently. We had a lot of Indian guests at this event, and they recognized our brand. In the Vietnamese market, we also have 5 tile lines and will increase sales force.