• Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed
  • Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed
  • Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed
Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed

Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: AODONG
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: AODONG-02115

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: 1000 USD
Packaging Details: wood
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 130 sets per year
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Detail Information

Type: Flexographic Printer,Carton Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine,Carton Box Printing Machine,Semi Auto Or Full Auto Automatic Grade: Automatic,Computerized,Semi-Automatic,Semi
Voltage: 380V,220V/380V,3Phases,380V/50HZ,220V/380V/440V After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas,Avaliable,Overseas Service Center Available
Usage: Paper Printer,Card Printer,Label Printer,Cloths Printer,Bill Printer Weight: 2600-3000Kgs,10-30ton,3T,13T-25T,10-28MT
Dimensions(l*w*h): 8Mx7Mx2.2M,3900*2060*2950 Mm,195*135*115CM,2800*1400,3570*5050*2030mm Warranty: 2 Years
Name: Pizza Box Printing Machine,Top Sale Corrugated Box Flexo Printing Machine,Corrugated Box Flexo Printing Die Cutting Slotting Machine Factory,Flexo Printer For Corrugated Paper Box Pizza Box Printing Machine,flexo Printer Box Corrugated Flex Printing Machi Product Name: Carton Box Flexo Printing Slotting Machine,corrugated Carton Printing Machine,Corrugated Cardboard Printing Die Cutting Machine,HUALI Used Corrugated Carton Box Flexo Printing Making Machine,SBY-CB-1200 4 Colors Pizza Box Printing Machine
Gross Power: 12kw,100-300kw,50HZ,24kw,1.5kw Application: Carton Box Printing,Cardboard Printer,Woven Bag Printing,Pizza Box Printing Machine With Automatic Feeder,Carton Rotary Die Cutting
Machine Type: Corrugated Carton Box Flexo Printing Slotting Machine,Chain Feeding Corrugated Board Carton Printing Machine,High Speed Flexo Printing Machine Speed: 120-180 Sheets/min,60 Pieces/min,160pcs/min
Color: Customize,Any Color,Customer's Request,White Function: Corrugated Carton Printing,pizza Box Printing Machine | Corrugated Box Printing Machine,Carton Printing Slotting,slotting And Cutting
Colors: 1-4 Colors,1-6 Colors,white Printing Material: Corrugated Cardboard,woven
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Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine


Flexo Printing Slotting Machine 450 Pieces/Min

Product Description

Auto Hight Speed Flex Ink Printing Slotting Rotary Die Cutting Manufacturing Machine
1,Machine Technical Parameters
YKW920 Specification
YKW924 Specification
Machine inside width
Design speed
Maximum feeding size
Minimum feeding size
Feeding by partition
Maximum printing area
Printing accuracy
Thickness of standard printing plate
Thickness of printing paperboard
Axial adjustment of printing roller
Die cutting thickness
Minimum slotting space
Maximum slotting depth
Maximum die cutting size
Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed 0Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed 1
2,Machine Function Characteristics
Triaxial leading edge servo paper feeding system,the vacuum pressure is adjusted by the frequency convertor,suitable for different board sizes and variable board.
The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to reliability function and safety,accordance with European CE standard.
Remote computer maintenance (if the client has network condition),quickly solve the equipment malfunctions,improve service efficiency,reduce the maintenance costs.
All of the driving rollers are made of high quality steel with abrasive grinding and hard chrome plated on the surface.
Each unit is equipped with emergency stop switch,which can stop the walking of each unit internally to ensure the safety.
Centralized treatment of paper dust to keep the working environment clean.
Order storage for 100,000,automatic to zero,automatic reset.
Modular designed of whole machine,easy to upgrade the equipment.
Transmission gears are made of high quality steel with abrasive grinding,HRC hardness is greater than 60 degrees after heat treatment.
Apply keyless shaft rings,transmission gears and shafts are not loose after long-term using,ensure high accuracy of printing.
The whole machine adopts ball screw with high precision for more accurate adjustment and durability.
Most of the electrical components are international famous brands,the main control adopts
PLC computer technology,the touch screen is installed in the paper feeding unit,printing unit,slotting unit,die cutting unit to store memory parameters.
Equipped with ink shortage alarm device.
Lack of paper stop feeding function,the anilox roller is lifted at the same time to prevent empty printing.
Each part is pneumatically locked and electrically separated and closed,the feed wheel will brake automatically when separating,ensure the accuracy of the next printing.
Printing plate changing function can make the plate roller stay in a fixed position,printing roller slot exposed,easy to change.
Equipped with the function of anilox roller is not close to the rubber roller and no ink to prevent ink leakage.
Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed 2Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed 3
3,Feeding Unit
The paper feeding table consists of three rows of paper feeding wheels,the driving belt pulley and the driven belt pulley are connected by the expansion sleeve. The synchronous belt contains steel wire with strong tensile strength,reliable transmission and high abrasion resistance.
Servo lead edge feeding system.
Triaxial lead edge feeding system,increase fan flow,make more accurate as high and low
Paper feeding in the whole process,reduce the pressure of feeding rubber roller.
Frequency converter adjusts air volume and controls the vacuum flow and pressure,to match the size of paperboard.
Stable at high speed,reduce the noise and mechanical vibration.
The front baffle and the side baffle move horizontally with linear sliding rails.
The rear paper supporting board electric control forward and backward,speed up the setting.
The front baffle interval is adjusted synchronously by turbine box.
Paper feeding can be continuously or spaced(with counter).
Main motor driving belt,triangle belt.
With a paper tidied device(side operating)
Dust cleaning device,three rows of brush and fan to remove paper scraps on the paperboard surface to improve printing quality.
Adjustable suction range(change with the width of paperboard)(the under suction)
The upper roller:the steel roller diameter is 145mm is wrapped with rubber.
The lower roller:the steel roller diameter 140mm milling line and then hard chrome plating.
Paper feeding pressure roller interval adjustment adopts self-locking structure,adjustment
range 0-12mm.
The transmission power of the pressure roller is driven by cam bearing,reduce wear and make the transmission more stable.
The upper feeding roller is quickly changing device.
The transmission roller is attached with friction clutch to avoid damage to the machine due to misoperation.
Main motor is equipped with starting protection device(the main motor cannot start operation when the machine is not locked)
The paper feeding unit,printing unit,slotting unit,die cutting unit adopt encoder to automatically reset to zero.
Generally the carton uses the automatic zero setting device,just printing two samples later can be adjusted to the correct
position to reduce the cardboard waste.
Press the button for electric separation/merger,torque limiter device prevents overload.
4,Printing Unit
Printing unit (four ceramic anilox rollers,four doctor blades)
Printing department is composed of adsorption bellows,printing roller,anilox roller,rubber roller(or scraper). The transmission in
all units adopts the cross slider structure(In particular,the pressure adjustment between the anilox roller and the rubber
roller,and between the anilox roller and printing roller adopt the cross slider structure),decrease the noise,more stable
transmission. The vacuum feeding system in the whole course,it can realize full plate,bending board printing,there is no need to
leave traction margin on both sides of cardboard,reduce cardboard waste.
The printing roller is made of high quality steel,with grinding surface and hard chrome plating.
Balance correction,smooth operation.
Scroll hang plate,the left and right sides adopt locking device so that the plate to be accurate.
Loading and unloading printing plate,foot switch electric control positive and negative rotation.
Anilox roller(ceramic anilox roller,mesh number can be selected according to customer’s requirements)
The mesh consistency,the ink uniformity.
The interval of anilox roller is equipped with self-locking structure,adjustment range is 0-12mm.
Anilox roller is a quick change device(convenient for maintenance,saving time and effort).
Phase adjustment mechanism
Planetary gear construction.
Printing phase is adjusted 360degrees by computer and electric digital control(both of operation and stop can be adjusted).
The lateral phase is controlled by computer and electric digital control with a control range of ±10mm.
Printing roller phase is adjusted by frequency converter,quickly reset and adjustment of high precision.
Automatic reset system after the printing plate is cleaned during the printing process.
Quickly printing plate hanging function.
Inking circulation structure
Pneumatic diaphragm pump,stable inking,simple operation and maintenance.
Pneumatic diaphragm pump cannot pump the ink when the rubber roller and anilox roller are not closed.
Abnormal ink supply,warning light lights up.
Ink filter screen,filter impurities.
Stainless steel ink tank.
Ink saving function,changing ink color or cleaning each unit each time can save ink.
Automatic cleaning function,after ink recycling,automatically switch to clean with water.
Printing phase fixing device
Electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism,when the unit is separated to adjust the phase or be cleaned,the brake mechanism restricts the gear rotation and keeps the original tooth position fixed.
The power transmission of the pressure roller adopts cam bearing transmission,which reduce abrasion and makes the transmission more stable.
Economical doctor blade system,saving costs and controllable ink volume.
Automatic switch setting of inking supply and cleaning procedure.
Electric adjustment of scraper pressure to control ink quantity(production adaptability).
5,Slotting Unit
Single roller and double knife slotting, box height adjustment with internal teeth gear structure, so that the lubricating oil is not easy to pollute the carton.
Pressing line roller diameter: 110mm solid steel roller, grind processing, surface plated with hard chrome.
The first pressing line wheel is not easy to crush the cardboard after prepressing the line.
The surface of the upper pressing line wheel is wrapped with polyurethane rubber, which will not damage the cardboard.
The adjustment interval of pressing line wheel and prepressing line wheel adopt self-locking structure,and the adjustment range is 0-12mm.
The horizontal movement adjustment mechanism of the slotting knife block adopts the lead screw and linear guide rail to make the movement more flexible and accurate.
Slotting roller diameter is 140mm of solid steel,abrasive machining,surface hard chrome plating.
The width of slotting knife is 8mm.
Equipped with slotting knife movement. (Large left and right displacement)
The interval of slotting knife rollers is adjusted by electric,adjustment range is 0-12mm.
The power transmission of the pressure roller adopts CAM bearing to reduce abrasion and make the transmission more stable.
The upper knife block and the lower knife block adopt transmission shaft linkage,hold the upper and lower knife to calibrate when moving,extending the using life of knives.
The position of pre-pressing line wheel, pressing line wheel and slotting knife block are shifted horizontally by computer and electric digital control.
The box height adjustment has anti-collision protection device,no damage to the electrical appliances.
Elastic angle corner cutter structure, can cut three layers, five layers of cardboard without adjustment, easy to operate.
Slotted phase adjusting mechanism.
Planetary gear construction.
The slotting phase is adjusted 360 degrees by computer and electric digital control(Operation and stop can be adjusted).
6,Die Cutting Unit
Die cutting unit(With synchronous knife adjustment type plate free slotting device)
The upper and lower roller are of high quality steel,with grinding surface and hard chrome plating.
Die cutting roller and soft roller adopt international standard size,the diameter are 273mm 303mm(the external diameter of including rubber pad is 320mm).
The gap between die cutting roller and rubber pad roller is adjusted by electric,configurable parameters and adjustment data also can be displayed,the position of the screw holes of die cutting knives,transverse spacing is 50mm,the radial circumference is 20 equal parts.
The phase of die cutting roller adopts three planets structure,which has high precision and large bearing capacity.Stop and operation can be electric digital 360 degree adjustment.
When the paper feeding is stopped,the rubber pad roller automatically rises to reduce unnecessary abrasion.
The rubber pad roller adopts the mechanical cam device which moves left and right(40mm),each knife is in a different position,effectively extending the service life of the rubber pad.
The axial adjustment distance of die cutting roller is ±10mm.
Die cutting upper and lower roller diameter is different,but the two roller’ linear velocity is equal,die cutting knives can be controlled in the circumferential direction of infinite non-circular work,make the rubber sleeve wear evenly.
Rubber pad roller compensation is driven by an independent motor,control the speed of rubber pad roller,the range of compensation is 3.5mm.
Rubber pad roller cutting flat structure,keep the pad flat,greatly improve the reuse of rubber pads.
7, Vibration - scrap stripping - stacking all in one machine
Paper receiving can be operated automatically or manually.
The paper receiving speed is synchronous with the paper feeding speed,paper receiving speed can be adjusted separately.
Pneumatic tidied device for paper receiving,make the paperboard stack more neat,stack height is 1600mm.
The platform lifting is driven by the powerful chains.
The paper receiving platform is equipped with anti-falling device to ensure the operator’s safety.
Pneumatic action of the paper tray,when the cardboard stack to a predetermined height,the paper tray automatically moves out.
Flat corrugated belt to prevent slide of cardboard.
Paper receiving arm belt,adjust the degree of tightness separately,not be limited by the length of the belt.
The whole machine is equipped with an alarm bell,which continuously ringing when walking so that ensure the safety of operators.
Each unit is equipped with an emergency stop switch,which can stop the movement of each unit internally to ensure the safety of internal operators.
Auto Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine 450 Pieces/Min Design Speed 4

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